lundi 21 avril 2014


Après un long moment dans le vague, voici ce sur quoi je suis en train de travailler en ce moment. J'ai deux chansons écrites, avec une mélodie. A ceux qui entendent l'Anglais, je suis preneur quand aux remarques diverse.

After a long time in my world, a bit lost, here are the things I'm working on now. I got two new songs written, with a rock melody. I'm open for every remarks.

Hace mucho tiempo que yo era en mi mundo, un poco perdido. Aqui son las dos nuevas canciones que yo tengo ahora, con una melodia rock. Estoy abierto a todas observaciones, por los que entienden el ingles.


Verse 1
Here they are again
The ghosts of my past
Tryin' to have my brain
And brake all my masks

Everything I have done
Was for a reason
If one day I was gone
It was to escape your prison

You'll never take me alive
Already too much I cried
You'll never take me alive
I'll never ever again try

Verse 2
Now you are tryin' again
To have me back on your track
Sendin' me letters in vain
The wood guys are back

They told me so much
About my unconsciousness
The life is a fuckin' rush
Ending in an apocalypse

You'll never fucking take me alive
A friend in my head
Have a nice day, I'm done

Verse 1

You'll never take me alive
See you all on the otherside


1st Verse
Yesterday and always before
When everything felt allright
I always wanted you more
Every skys were so bright

Dear, pardon me here I am
Into this two worlds again
You and me anyway are damned
All our efforts was in vain
Love, pardon me here I am
To now break the chain

2nd Verse
Now and then I think over and over
Of all the time we've lost together
I kinda feel a certain power
Cause now I'm the one sure that this is over


Dear, shed your tears
I know you think you're forever broken
You don't want to see me anyway leave
I imagine how much your are deceived
But I beggin you